Last spring, Reef ambassadors Victoria Vergara and Mike Lay joined Reef We Heart on a trip to help the Costa Rican Humanitarian Foundation build and fund a family well-being center, a space for learning and extracurricular activities for at risk youth in the impoverished town of Uvita, Costa Rica.

The US$10,000 donation from Reef helped purchase the land and supplies needed to complete the project and create a self-sustainable community center. Today, the Family Well-Being Center is now working with children and their mothers on education and awareness on the subjects of drug use and violence in the home: “No mas drogas, no mas violence” with cooperative teaching.

“If you have a building, you will have an exponential impact, and the children identify with the building as a place of safety, of security, and of learning,” said Gail Nystrom, CRHF Founder.

The Costa Rican Humanitarian Foundation works to improve the quality of life of the most vulnerable populations in Costa Rica by focusing on education, community development, and at risk youth.

We Heart is Reef’s humanitarian outreach designed to strengthen the people in the places where Reef and its global ambassadors travel and surf, from their own coastal communities to those in the developing world. Reef invites you to join #ReefWeHeart and get involved with helping people in need wherever you may be just passing through.

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