Streaming… the final frontier!  To celebrate the much-awaited Star Trek: Discovery premiere, Netflix beams up all 695 episodes of Star Trek.

Netflix also unveils which episodes get revisited the most by analyzing the viewing data of 104 million members across 190 countries who have watched the following Star Trek series on Netflix: Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Enterprise, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: The Original Series, Star Trek: Voyager.

Turns out that episodes that introduce iconic races, characters (Q, anybody?), or captains tend to be re-visited most. And of course, episodes that include time travel, alien abductions, or crossovers are sure hits with Star Trek fans.

In the Philippines, “End Game” (Voyager Season 7, Episode 24) is the most revisited episode, followed by “Caretaker” (Voyager Season 1, Episode 1) and “Encounter at Farpoint” (The Next Generation Season 1, Episode 1). And now with all episodes on Netflix, Trekkies can decide how and when to watch each voyage. Make it so!

But the journey into the unknown doesn’t stop there. On September 25th, Netflix will exclusively premiere Star Trek: Discovery in 188 countries (excluding the US and Canada). Discovery features a new ship and new crew, while embracing the same hope for the future that inspired a generation. Engage!


1 Voyager 7 24 Endgame, Parts 1 & 2
2 Voyager 1 1 Caretaker, Parts 1 & 2
3 The Next Generation 1 1 Encounter at Farpoint, Parts 1 & 2
4 Voyager 4 1 Scorpion, Part 2
5 Enterprise 1 1 Broken Bow, Parts 1 & 2
6 Voyager 4 2 The Gift
7 Voyager 3 26 Scorpion, Part 1
8 Voyager 1 3 Time and Again
9 Voyager 1 2 Parallax
10 Voyager 5 15 Dark Frontier, Parts 1 & 2

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