Commenting on Instagram is a mess. While they added a “Reply” feature at the end of last year, it just made it easier to, well, reply to someone and not have to type out their username. But comments on Instagram appear chronologically, so if you engage a lot with family, friends, and followers, we won’t blame you if you lose track of what you’re talking about and with whom. And if you’re like me who likes to read interactions between celebrities and prominent personalities, good luck trying to scour the hundreds or even thousands of “I love yous” before you get to see what they talk about.

But finally, Instagram has answered our prayers with comment threads. You’ve seen this implementation on Facebook and somewhat on Twitter. But Instagram’s new implementation mimicks that of its parent company, Facebook.

Version 24 of the app will group replies underneath each appropriate thread. And when there are multiple replies, you’ll see a number of how many have replied first instead of seeing the entire thread in one go. You can, of course, tap on that to see the rest of the thread.

Instagram expects to roll out the feature globally in the coming weeks to both Android and iOS users.

Source: Android Authority