To me, life without music is nothing short of a sad and bleak strip of the world. If I’m not able to listen to at least 10 songs a day, it’ll result in me being ridiculously crabby and slightly out of balance. That’s why I make sure my ears are encased in nothing but a glorious romp of clear and undeniably solid music. It’s essential that my speakers are at top shape and barely (or even never) turn my favorite songs into lousy, hollow sound without any feeling. Giving the Sony SRS-XB10 a shot, I was more than impressed with how much power it can give my favorite songs.

Cool and modern

Simple and compact with a design that’s cool and modern, the SRS-XB10’s size reminds me of a diminutive can that could easily fit into a woman’s purse. The SRS-XB10 is encased in a smooth and non-slip body that makes keeping it in your hands a ton easier since it fits snugly in your palm.

With its fit, the buttons are also laid flat against its surface along with the charging port which is safely hidden by a rectangular flap. By pulling it, you’ll be able to see the audio jack and the USB cable input. Conveniently placed, this keeps the speaker from looking too bulky. It also keeps the ports safe from small spills. (Yes, it has a splash-proof body.) In addition to the easy grip, it has a silicon strap, so if your desk is already a mess, you can just hang it anywhere you like and still have the best sound performance thanks to the four air vents underneath that help produce the contained explosion of pure bass.

It’s an extremely convenient gadget for those who just can’t stop listening to music even if they’re cycling down a quiet street or hanging out in the park with their friends.

Easy peasy

Using the SRS-XB10 is quite easy since the buttons aren’t so hard to press. By pressing the power button once, you’ll be able to turn it on. But if you want to pair it up with your phone or your computer via Bluetooth, pressing it down for three seconds will do the trick. Pairing it up with my laptop, I didn’t really have to wait at all.

For those who don’t have a device that can connect to it via Bluetooth though, unfortunately, the audio cord is sold separately.

Charging it won’t be a problem ‘cause this little speaker can stay strong for 16 hours unless you turn up the volume to the max. By doing so, it’ll only last you five hours. Meanwhile, charging can take up to four hours and 30 minutes so it’s best not to abuse the volume if you can’t wait for four hours of charging.

You got that super bass

Despite its small size, the SRS-XB10 packs a serious punch so music lovers are guaranteed that they’re getting their money’s worth with this speaker. Testing it out, with a plethora of music that ranged from Camille Saint-Saëns’ classical artistry to the head banging rhythm of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, it simply heightened my respect for both Sony and the mentioned artists since I practically started seeing this little 46mm diameter speaker as a god that simply kept me in a haven of quality sound that doesn’t miss a beat. Loud and clear, it can produce impressive sound even without the volume turned up to the highest number.



The Sony SRS-XB10 is a great buddy for those who enjoy listening to music without the bother of earphones or big, bumpy headphones. With the SRS-XB10 in your hands, you’ll probably feel cool and hip. Not to mention you’ll be basking in nothing but good quality sound.

Speaker Type Full range 46mm mono
Frequency Response 20Hz–20,000Hz
Connectivity & I/O Ports Bluetooth 4.2 (up to 10m), A2DP, AVRCP, HFP, HSP; NFC; stereo mini jack
Battery Lithium-ion (approx. 16 hours)
Price P2,999 
Test: Sony SRS-XB10
Form Factor9.2
Build Quality9
Ease of Use8.7
Value for Money9
9.1Overall Score

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