What keeps Reef Ambassador Rob Machado busy? Traveling with family. We read about their adventures below: 

What does #travelingchados mean to you? How did it come about?  

Traveling has been a part of my life since I can remember. My parents were nomads and they bounced around the world constantly.  I was born in Australia because they thought it was a cool spot to chill. My mom is British so I remember going to England at a very young age. We moved to California when I was young and found North County…  

I started traveling for surfing when I was 12 and haven’t stopped since. I’ve been lucky enough to see quite a bit of the world and ride quite a few waves along the way. I think my wife came up with the #travelingchados. In this day and age of social media, it’s just a cool way to have some fun with it all. We travel and we are the Machado’s. 

What do you pack? Essentials? 

It really depends on where you are going. I’m generally a light packer. I try to keep it simple especially if I am going to the tropics. You really don’t need much. My son ran around in Bali for three weeks and barely ever had clothes on. If you are in the tropics, don’t mess around with the bugs. Bring some light thin layers that you can wear when the sun goes down… long sleeves and long pants. always come prepared for mosquitos. You don’t want to get eaten by the “mozzies.” There is some really great all-natural bug repellent out there nowadays. [Also have a] small first aid kit with some essential oils. 

Rob Machado Signature Sandal Collection

How do you plan your locations? Kids opinion? Other? 

When the kids were little, I was definitely a little selfish when it came to picking locations. But my logic was that I wanted to take them to places that I had already been where I knew they would love and be comfortable. As my kids have gotten older, I definitely take into consideration their travel desires. 

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