For the Philippine myth buffs (like me!) out there, start playing EverWing because our very own Philippine mythical monsters have finally taken the stage!

Created by US-based Blackstorm Labs, seven million Filipinos are playing this online shooter game on Facebook Messenger. Allowing users to control Guardians and their dragon sidekicks armed with stellar powers that can fight against wicked crazy Monsters and Bosses, this now very popular game has included Philippine mythical creatures into its lineup of unique dragons players can hatch, level up, and evolve.

At the Philippine Dragon Festival presented by Smart, these very much anticipated Filipino creatures will be unleashed on the mobile game starting July 19 at 1 p.m.

Drawing in more Filipino gamers, EverWing will include five of our country’s mythical creatures in its roster of dragons possessing special attributes!

The Sarangay, a bull with a muscular body with its shoulders endowed with traditional tattoos and ears gleaming with jewels; the Lampong, a mystical green deer with bright eyes and a long beard; the Kiwig, a fierce pig blazing with fire; the Buwaya, a green crocodile with a saddle on its back; and the Bakunawa, a blue serpentine dragon with gleaming golden eyes.

“This lineup of Philippine dragons is our treat to millions of Filipinos, who are among our most engaged and passionate players in the world,” said Michael Carter, CEO of Blackstorm. “With their distinct characteristics, these Filipino dragons will surely take your game to the next level, so we hope the entire world will enjoy this update.”

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