Everybody is celebrating Spider-Man’s return to the big screen. Now, even Baskin-Robbins is celebrating his comeback with awesome promos and sweet offerings that would intensify the sky-high hype!

With the partnership between with Spider-Man: Homecoming, Baskin-Robbins offers you a free waffle cone upgrade with every purchase of a double value scoop of ice cream.

While watching the film, Marvel fans and ice cream lovers can also enjoy their favorite Baskin-Robbins ice cream, frozen desserts, cakes, and beverages. For the July flavor of the month is dedicated to the famous red suited hero. You can enjoy a buttered popcorn flavored ice cream with crunch clusters and salted caramel ribbon.

Founded in California by two ice cream enthusiasts and brothers in law, Baskin-Robbins had two founders that shared a dream of creating an innovative ice cream shop that would become a place where many familiar would gather to sample more than 1,200 of their ice cream flavors along with a wide range of custom ice cream cakes, yummy frozen beverages, ice cream sundaes, and take-home frozen treats.

For more information about Baskin-Robbins, log on to www.baskinrobbins.ph.


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