TW Steel revs up for 2017 with a timepiece collection from the heart of motoring, the Volante Collection. Made by those who love to drive and designed for anyone who sees a car as more than getting from A to B. The Volante Collection takes your passion for cars and racing and blends it with TW Steel’s bold style to produce a stunning statement.

Coming hot off the heels of the 10th anniversary Dakar Collaboration with the Coronel Brothers, this collection continues the TW Steel commitment to celebrating the automotive world in everything they do. The Volante Collection puts the TW Steel attitude in top gear and gives those who love to drive a timepiece that celebrates their love for the open road.

The Volante Collection features 22 different executions with models offered in either 45mm or 48mm size. The Volante timepieces come in three distinct designs. First is a refined 3-Hand with a Miyota 2415 movement. Second is the Chrono offered in either a compact 45mm with a 0S10 Miyota movement or the chunky 48mm with a big calibre 6S10 movement. Last, but not least, the Dual Time with a Seiko VD31 movement.

Alan Dacanay, managing director of TW Steel Asia LTD; Ivan Yao, managing director of Lucerne Group of Companies; & Jordy Cobelens, CEO & co-founder of TW Steel

This driver orientated collection is highlighted by the premium quality textile strap that comes in four colour variants. The whole collection reminds you that a car isn’t just a mode of transport, it’s a way of life. The Volante Collection is about highlighting that golden partnership between cars and timepieces. A Volante Collection timepiece is a statement that says, “Forget the destination, live the journey.”

“This year has been a special one for us,” commented TW Steel Chief Design Officer Ton Cobelens. “We celebrated our tenth anniversary of Dakar with the Coronel Brothers, another huge year in motorsport and another year of incredible engagement with the racing world for TW Steel. The Volante Collection is just one more celebration of the world of cars and one we’re excited to share with the public that show us so much love. We feel the Volante Collection is a testament to our passion for all things motoring, the smell of oil and gas and the pull of the open road.”

Jordy Cobelens, CEO & co-founder of TW Steel, with Enzo de los Reyes, advertising account executive of 2.O, and Manny de los Reyes, EIC and publisher of 2.O

Prices start from P14,000 and P15,000 for the VS1 and go up to P26,000 and P27,000 for the PVD black coated VS44 with chronograph movement.

Visit TW Steel boutiques in Alabang Town Center, Century City Mall, Podium, Shangri-La Plaza, SM Makati, SM Megamall, SM North EDSA, and SM Seaside Cebu to see the new Volante Collection.