Starting a new business means first and foremost, building connections since business is all about building bridges with your customers. In a new generation buzzing with modern technology, the best way for a business to reach its customers is through the same outlet of modernity. These days, the best and most modern way to reach them is through a website.

Though some would think that creating a website is annoyingly complex and takes a lot of time to make, the process could be easier this time because of Google.

Thanks to Google, small Philippine businesses can now create their own free, mobile-optimized website within minutes. Using Google launched tool “Google My Business (GMB) Websites”, making a website won’t be time-consuming, complex or painful for your wallet anymore. By visiting this site, users will be given a simple, free, and fast way to build a website.

Of course, people can always find your details on Google Search or Google Maps, but the best way for your customer to learn more about your business is through a website. According to the Global Web Index Survey, only 1 percent of small businesses in the Philippines actually have an online presence but 67 percent of the Philippines’ internet population visit business websites which basically contain all of the info your customer needs to know about you.

So not having a website can mean leaving potential customers in the dark about your business.

Saving all the relevant information like your business description, location, contact information, and operations schedule, GMB helps businesses become more visible on Search and Maps.

Other than increasing your online presence, GMB’s website builder makes it easy to:

  • Create a well-designed site that looks great and runs smoothly wherever and however people find it
  • Stand out online by choosing a design theme, adding your photos, and describing what’s unique about your business
  • Get a free domain from Google or buy your own with Google Domains right from Google My Business
  • Connect with customers by telling them exactly what you want them to do next (call your business, book an appointment, or sign up for you mailing list)
  • Manage everything in one place. It doesn’t matter whether you’re on desktop, mobile, or the Google My Business app.
  • Earn new business from AdWords Express and your expanded presence online

Regardless of the kind of business you own, may it be the everyday eyeglass shop you see at your subdivision or a simple soup serving restaurant in a small town, having a website can make all the difference to help you attract a lot of new customers.

By simply knowing what your shop looks like or finding out the address of your shop, these internet-connected customers will surely help the business flourish.

About The Author

Shan Arcega

A 3rd year communication student nicknamed "Moose" by her best friends, Shan loves writing just as much as she loves reading novels, fanfictions, and playing Pokemon. Her current favorite author is the genius C.S. Pacat.