Yamaha Motor Philippines Inc. held their second R-Day at the Carmona Racing Circuit on June 17th. At the event, Yamaha introduced the all-new YZF-R15, the updated entry-level bike to their Racing Series. Yamaha’s R-Day also offered exclusive freebies and test rides to those who attended.

During the event, Yamaha held a special racing clinic with Yamaha Riding Academy Executive Instructor Yoshiaki Kato. The clinic was participated by budding racers and media guests, who were able to take turns on the track with the YZF-R15. To test what they have learned from the clinic, a fun race was held as participants were pitted against one another around the circuit.

Yamaha Riding Academy Executive Instructor Yoshiaki Kato

The star of the event though was the YZF-R15 that’s redesigned to closely match its bigger brothers of the Yamaha R Series. The updated YZF-R15 features a more aggressive design that embodies the racing qualities of the R Series. A 155cc LC4V SOHC F.I. engine powers the YZF-R15. It promises to give you unprecedented performance in its class, while delivering better fuel consumption. Its Variable Valve Actuation (VVA) system gives you a boost of power at midrange RPM. The new Bypass Thermostat is a cooling system that shortens the warm-up time of the engine and sends the coolant to the radiator at an earlier rate, ensuring that your engine stays cool and at peak performance levels.

Yamaha YZF-R15

What makes the YZF-R15 fun to ride is its Assist and Slipper Clutch mechanism that enables smooth downshifting while negating the effects of engine breaking during acceleration. It also corners very well thanks to its redesigned Deltabox Frame that gives the R Series its signature stance. The Upside Down Front Suspension shifts the bike’s weight to the rear providing a smoother ride.

By the looks of the YZF-R15, you wouldn’t think it’s at the 155cc range class. The Central Air Duct is an aerodynamic design that’s lifted from the YZF-R1, the flagship model of the R Series. The Slim Twin-Eye LED headlights also gives it a fierce stare. Even the muffler is designed to give the deep tones of a racing bike with its three-stage expansion chamber with a three-way catalytic converter.

Yamaha Marketing Manager Jude Camus

The YZF-R15 launched in style at the Start/Finish line of the Carmona Racing Circuit with Yamaha’s ambassador Gab Valenciano alongside two of the Philippines’ racing stars Masato Fernando and Kyle Paz. The three gave the R15 a lap around the circuit. Valenciano talked about how the R15 closely resembles his R1 in terms of the riding feel and agility in corners, and that it’s a perfect starter bike for those who want to learn how to ride.

Masato Fernando, Gab Valenciano, and Kyle Paz

After the launch, the YZF-R15 was given its ultimate test around the circuit. It was time for the All-Star Riders to hop on the bike, and push it to its limits. Fernando and Paz participated, along with other veteran riders in our country, James Mendez, Romer Corbe, Vrei Ar Suba, Herbert Lopez, J.E. Inguito, Aljon Valencia, Rizaldy Canare, Tracy Soyangco, McDon Sande, Niel Jan Centeno, R.R. Espiritu, Jacq Buncio, and Justinne Tolentino. It was a fun race to watch and you wouldn’t even think that they’re racing on 155cc machines. It was a close battle between Fernando and the 15-year-old Paz, but Fernando had an unfortunate crash that gave Paz the 1st-place podium finish.

Yamaha’s R-Day gave test rides to the public shortly after the race. Freebies were also given by participating in the mini games at the booth. The YZF-R15 is available in Race Blu, Black Raven, and Matte Red with a suggested retail price of P164,000. It’s available in all Yamaha 3S Shops and multi-brand stores nationwide.


Clinic Fun Race Winners

1st Angelo Portal – (total time) 7:36.387
2nd Emmanuel Balmes – (total time) 7:40.261
3rd Laude Cabahug – (total time) 7:53.180

Media Fun Race Winners

1st Michael Segui (Motorcycle Magazine) – 4:56.366
2nd Emman Balmes (Motorsiklo News) – 4:58.045
3rd Philip Bonza (Inside Racing) – 5:11.689

All Star Race (Set A)

1st Kyle Paz – 10:21.674
2nd Tracy Soyangco – 10:28.053
3rd J.E. Inguito – 10:28.559

All Star Race (Set B)

1st RR Espiritu – 10:42.090
2nd Neil Jan Centeno – 10:46.887
3rd Justinne Bethany Tolentino – 10:55.806

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