Aiming to give their consumers an unforgettable and incomparable auditory experience, an inauguration for the JBL Eon One and JBL Professional was held with HARMAN and Beyond Innovations Inc. executives and the media last June 24 at A. Refinery UP Town Center.

Whether you’re a singer, a host, or a company’s CEO, it’s obvious you’d need a great PA system to help your voice carry all the way to the other end of the room.

A linear-array PA system, the JBL Eon One is definitely a system you’d like to bring along with you. May it be for performances, meetings, or conferences, the Eon One can bring you clear, even, and detailed performance audio that makes sure every single word from your mouth is heard.

Easy to set up and carry, it comes with an all-in-all design which allows the user to carry it with just a single hand. Other than that, the Eon One also boasts extended bass, unobstructed 10” woofer for an accurate low frequency response, and a built in 6-channel mixer with Bluetooth audio. The Eon One is available at all A. Refinery stores and JBL stores.

Along with the Eon One, the JBL Professional 3 Series Speakers were also introduced. With JBL’s revolutionary image control waveguide, which is responsible for its excellent 3 Series Incredible Imaging, users will be able to experience greater depth and ambiance while the subtle details found even in a dense recording can still be heard.

Possessing an expansive soundstage, the 3 Series speakers are room-friendly, delivering neutral sounds across large working spaces, regardless of room acoustics, so that users wouldn’t have to be so close to the speakers to make adjustments to their mix. The 3 Series consists of:

The LSR305

Priced at P24,990 (pair), the LSR305 has a 5” two-way Powered Studio Monitor with a frequency range of 43Hz-24kHz, max peak SPL 08dB SPL C-Weighted, and a max input of +23 dBu.

The LSR308

Possessing an 8” two-way powered studio monitor with a frequency range of 37Hz-24kHz, it has a max peak SPL of 112dB SPL C-weighted and a max peak input of +23 dBu. It costs P39,990 (pair).

The LSR310S

Priced at P30,690 (per piece), the LSR310S has a 10” powered studio sub-woofer, a 250mm (10-inch) High-excursion, down-firing drive, a low frequency extension of 27Hz, and a max peak SPL of 113dB.

In order to showcase the legendary power of the JBL Professional sound, travelling performer Maxine Javelino was invited to play her music at the event using the all-in-one PA system. Delivering her acoustics with a clear and crisp sound, Maxine’s performance surely wooed her audience with the sleek performance enhanced by the Eon One.

Along with her was DJ JV Custodio who used the JBL Professional 3 series and the AKG Pro Headphones to drop awesome beats with great depth and an equally great ambiance.

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