Cleaning your homes but also giving you a huge helping hand, Clorox is more than just your average cleaning product.

Clorox International Philippines Incorporated not only is the guardian of public health, and believes in creating a cleaner world, but it also takes action and gives back to the communities it serves, tidying the place where these communities grow. While taking note that cleanliness matters, it enables people to start fresh, creating good beginnings which in turn allow people to thrive. Through the Clorox Clean-up Drive, the company and its people were able to fulfill its purpose in real life.

On June 2, Clorox International Philippines partnered up with Don Bosco Technical College in Mandaluyong for a day of cleaning the institution’s gym and facilities. As part of the initiative, the Clorox team donated cleaning materials and facilitated in cleaning of the gymnasium itself.

The Clorox team was able to execute their cleaning initiative with the disinfecting prowess of both Clorox and Pine-Sol. Pine-Sol which is a multi-surface cleaner, stands for a powerful, clean, and delightful scent.

From the simple green and yellow label of your grandparent’s yesteryears, to the bright and incandescently cheerful look it holds today, the power of Pine-Sol cleaners last and makes sure that your home stays neat and clean.


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