Do you hear Wedding Bells? ‘Cause, I already see the gowns and suits.

It’s already that time of the year when lots of people want to tie the knot and spend the rest of their lives with the person they’ve fallen desperately in love with. Of course, an amazing wedding isn’t amazing without the perfect playlist. After all, for something to be amazing, it has to be nothing short of memorable. And with your favorite tunes, you’ll surely remember the day you finally said ‘I Do’. If you don’t know what playlist can help you remember the best day of your life, don’t worry because Spotify’s got your back.

To mark the start of the Wedding Season (which is on June according to tradition, that is), Spotify has put together 35 songs for their Wedding Bells Playlist with Bruno Mars’ “Marry You” gracing the top of the playlist.

But, of course, one’s life wouldn’t be complete without the unforgettable bachelor/bachelorette party to top of the end of your life as a single. And there’s no better way to remember your last night as a single than having a party with a rockin’ awesome playlist. To help you and your friends organize an epic soundtrack, Spotify has also unveiled the most streamed bachelor and bachelorette party songs in the Philippines.

According to Spotify, “Yeah!” by Usher tops the charts for bachelor parties while Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” never fails to charm the playlists of bachelorette parties. Whether you’re the bride/groom-to-be or the best friend organizing the whole thing, Spotify will be here to make the last day of your single night one to remember for the books!

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