The partnership between Sphero and Disney brings tons of benefits, including an adorable round toy robot in the form of Star Wars’ BB-8 (remember that?). And now that Spider-Man is back in Marvel’s fold, we get new merch for it. Sphero created the cutest one we’ve seen so far.

While it’s unlike the usual movable toys of the brand, it is still a high-tech toy. Much like the smart home speakers (Google Home and Amazon Echo), this “Sphero Marvel Comic Hero Action Figure” as it’s named on Amazon is an adorably chatty version of Spidey. One known for witty banter, it seems an appropriate move for a Spider-Man toy.

Made with rubber material, kids (and those young at heart) can speak to Spider-Man via voice commands. You can prompt him by saying things like “Tell me a story” or “Make me laugh.” Storytelling seems to be the forte of this toy. It has 400 pages worth of content and 100 storylines to get through. It has a “Choose Your Own Adventure” aspect and engages you by asking what you’d want to do next. And Sphero plans to add more stories in the future.

Aside from voice control, you can connect Spidey to an app via Bluetooth but it isn’t necessary to control the toy. You don’t have to worry about security either as it doesn’t send information over the internet or stores data in the app. It just scans for the wake-up phrases so it can interact with you. It’s priced at US$149 (around P7,500). Now we’re keeping our fingers crossed that it’ll make its way here.

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