If there’s one thing you bring along with you on a daily basis outside of your smartphone, it would have to be a trusty power bank. With us being constantly online, it’s expected that we drain the batteries of our mobile devices faster than we’d like to. And that’s why distributor Digits Trading wanted to bring in a new brand of power banks and charging solutions you might want to check out. Digital Walker is now carrying XPower, an electronics manufacturer based in Hong Kong.

What sets them apart from all the other brands out on the market? Digits sums it up in three words: Safety, affordability, and reliability. Let’s take a quick look at the new gear from the brand:

Power banks

Digital Walker is carrying four power banks made by the brand. Battery capacity ranges from 1,500mAh to as high as 12,000mAh. Aside from having different milliampere hours, they can power different devices. The PB15Q (P3,990) can even power a MacBook and iPad Pro. They offer technologies like Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 3.0, USB Type-C support, and different safety protection tech that will keep you safe from short circuiting, over discharging, and over-heating. They also offer over current protection.


Multiple devices mean multiple cables. XPower hopes to rid you off clutter with its 3-in-1 aluminum alloy cable (P1,490). It offers charging for microUSB, Apple Lightning, and USB Type-C with one sturdy cable. Digits was touting the importance of the cable being made with aluminum alloy as this is said to be lighter, won’t fray as quickly, and can conduct energy better.

Quick charger

If you need a charging hub at home or in your car, XPower is offering both a car charger (P1,290) and a desktop charger (P1,990). Both promise to offer Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 3.0 technology and offer the same safety tech you see in the power banks. The standout feature for both is support for USB Type-C output, which means you can use a USB Type-C to USB Type-C cable and help charge faster. We were told XPower sells these cables separately.

Bluetooth sport headphones

While a bit out of place with the products launched at the event, Digits has been carrying various audio accessories from different brands that we weren’t surprised the BH1 Bluetooth sport headphones (P1,990) is among the products being sold at Digital Walker. The headphones are light and can last four hours on a single charge. It features a sliding clip that makes it easier to adjust the cable and magnets so you can have it hanging off your neck when not in use.

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