Oakley touts itself as the leading brand in eyewear and sport specific gear because of its trailblazing innovations. The combination of art and science make Oakley produce clear and sharp vision with no distortion. This leading eyewear brand has made a mark in the global market.

This year, 2017 Oakley launches One Obsession #CantStop movement that initiates people to live their obsession, inspire people to lead life on their terms and be driven in living out their passion.

Oakley’s #CantStop drives the individuals to become passionate in reaching their goals. These individuals are “The Committed” who has no separation between who they are and who they project, their work and their life, their performance and their style. “The Committed” is forever on quest for what’s “next” due to their innate hunger for more. For them, the sport isn’t just a hobby, but an obsession that they wear proudly, 24/7.

Together, let’s join Oakley’s #CantStop movement and be passionate on what we love doing because this is an invitation to the obsession that never ends!

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