Dubbing its latest development as “The Next Frontier,” Samsung Electronics has launched its answer to the ever-changing world of televisions. Armed with latest technologies and innovations, the QLED TV boasts a next generation display that overcomes the disadvantages of other competing technologies.

With a screen armed with what Samsung calls “Quantum Dot” technology, the Samsung QLED TV turns light into perfect color, making a powerful combination that revolutionizes picture quality. The new television offers HDR 1500 brightness and 100% color volume expression, enabling viewers to watch scenes just as how creators intended them to be. It can also reproduce any color visible to the human eye, making HDR content more vibrant and natural.

With an Invisible Connection cable, the QLED TV eliminates the need for unsightly wires sprawled behind and below the screen. Users may also make use of the no-gap wall mount, which allows the TV to sit flush against the wall. For those inclined to set the TV elsewhere, there are various stands available for use, such as gravity and studio stands, that can blend in with any living space.

Separating itself from the usual plastic remote, the stainless steel One Remote Control covers all connected devices whether it’s for playing games, watching sports, or streaming TV favorites. Users can also turn their mobile phones into a personal remote through the Smart view app. More entertainment options are provided by the QLED TV’s Smart Hub.

A smart TV needs ambassadors equally as dynamic. Samsung Philippines has recruited local endorsers whose unapologetic taste, individual style, and uncompromising standards match that of Samsung’s new line. These are award-winning filmmaker Paul Soriano and tastemaker Tessa Prieto-Valdez.

Highlighting this new technology is an even more global name. Samsung Philippine brought in Korean superstar Kim Soo-Hyun for a special guest appearance at the QLED TV’s launch. The award-winning actor is known for his roles in Dream High, Moon Embracing the Sun, and the upcoming Real.

The new lineup of the QLED TV is available in authorized Samsung dealers nationwide.

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