The hype for Spider-Man: Homecoming is very, very real. You feel it when you get two new trailers for the film. It’s a big deal after all. Now, that Spider-Man is back in the Marvel fold, we get to see how Peter Parker a.k.a. Spider-Man (played by Tom Holland) fits into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The first trailer puts the focus on the Spidey and all the new tech he gets to play around/save the day with. In what looks like the most tech-inclined Spider-Man movie to date, Tony Stark a.k.a. Iron Man (played by Robert Downey Jr.) takes Peter under his wing and gifts him with a cool new suit with its own AI ala Jarvis. But there are conditions that come with it. Or should we say parental controls put on the suit? And that makes Peter feel like he’s being underutilized, and as a normal teenage boy, it makes him feel impatient.

The second trailer, or the “international trailer” puts the focus on Vulture (played by Michael Keaton) and what his motivations as a villain are. We discover through the trailer that he was part of the cleanup of New York during the big Avengers battle. We also see him make use of Chitauri technology to help create his suit as well as how he’s working to steal Tony’s weapons.

The new teasers are certainly making us very excited to see the film. Are you as excited as we are? Spider-Man: Homecoming is coming to local movie theaters on July 7th.

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