Days after RagnaFest and the announcement that Ragnarok Online is coming back to the Philippines, Gravity, alongside Electronics Extreme and Elite GSL, held a press conference at the Marco Polo Hotel in Pasig City. Members of the media and hardcore Ragnarok fans were given an opportunity to sit down with the execs and ask questions regarding the upcoming Closed Beta Testing period.

Here’s what we were able to source from the press conference:

  • The game won’t be subscription-based. It adapts the free-to-play model with an item mall, but Electronics Extreme promised it to be Free-to-Win, which in all transaction-based items can be earned even without spending a peso.
  • Closed beta period is set to start around the middle of June.
  • Registration is ongoing, so head on to to sign up.
  • Two servers will be running during closed beta, Thor and Loki.
  • Starting episode will be Revo-Classic. The patch includes 2-1 jobs only (Knight, Priest, Wizard, Blacksmith, Hunter and Assassin). 2-2 class will be available six months post-launch. Rebirth classes will be a year or 2 from launch.
  • Classic monster spawn locations.
  • Extreme Electronics and Elite GSL promises a bot-free experience.
  • War of Emperium will be released after the first three weeks.
  • Promises no imbalanced cash item.
  • Promises to bring more community events including Ragnarok World Championships.

That’s about it and for now, we wait. If you have any more information about the upcoming relaunch of Ragnarok Online, please do so and leave a comment below.

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