Every year, smartphone makers peddle the latest specs that push the boundaries of what consumer technology is capable of. It’s already come to a point where writers are hard-pressed to describe these annual innovations with adjectives other than “bigger” or “better.” Quantifiability in advancement is key.

Luckily, that’s where Sharp finds itself as it launches its new catalog of fancy gadgets and gizmos for the modern home. It was an inevitability that the furniture and appliance world will catch up with the fast-growing technology world. With its new innovations, Sharp has developed a new home that’s “bigger,” “better,” and quantifiable.

Streaming in glorious 8K

When 4K TVs were first introduced, people thought that was it. How can you possibly top 4K resolution when our eyes can hardly tell the difference between HD and 4K? Sharp has an answer in the SHARP AQUOS XU Series 80-inch and 70-inch.

Though not natively 8K, the AQUOS XU can upgrade 4K image quality to 8K through pixel bifurcation. It integrates 4K QuattronTM Pro panels and the first X* Master Engine Pro processor technologies to achieve natural 8K resolutions.

Further, the new TV line is equipped with the latest connectivity options to maximize enjoyability. It has super speed USB and MHL 3.0 options, as well as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and Android TV.


Cooling down in 14 degrees

It’s hot. All we want to do is turn on the aircon to the lowest possible condition only to be stopped by the beep of 16-degrees Celsius. We’ve all be there.

For the first time ever, Sharp is releasing an aircon that can go as low as 14-degrees Celsius. The J-Tech Inverter series is guaranteed to cool you down even during the hottest of days. With Coanda technology, it can also fill a 14m-long room.

It also comes with different modes for maximum customizability and comfort. Baby Mode, Breeze Mode, and Sleep Mode ensures the most comfortable air for both kids and adults alike.


Chilled food for better and longer

Refrigerators are the silent troopers of our kitchen. We don’t pay much attention to them, but the little bits and pieces that go inside our refs ensure that we get the best food at any time of day. Sharp’s J-Tech Inverter Refrigerators optimize the processes that keep our tummies filled.

Compared to the industry average of seven cooling steps, it can save energy with the enhanced precision of 36 cooling steps. Plasmacluster ions deactivate mold particles that may have formed inside the unit.

Like most of Sharp’s appliances, the J-Inverter ref is capable of multiple storing and freezing options. Users can customize it for Vacation Mode, Express Freezing, and Energy Saving. It can even go as precise as how big its ice cubes are produced.

A robot phone

Inarguably, Sharp’s quirkiest addition is the RoBoHoN “robot phone.” There’s no better way to describe it: it’s a phone in the shape of a robot.

It can perform the basic functions of a phone: calls, messages, emails, and photos. Yes, it can walk on two legs too. Also, it responds to your voice.

Sharp displayed it during their launch, but since it’s only limited to 5,000 units, it’s unknown whether the quirky phone will be distributed in the country.

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