In a bid to protect its content from piracy, Netflix is unfortunately cutting off a segment of Android users. The latest version of the app (version 5) will block devices that aren’t “Google-certified or have been altered” from accessing the service.

Right now, rooted phones that have Netflix installed still seem to work fine. Sideloading Netflix’s APK still seems to work now. But we’re not sure how long that’ll last.

The Netflix app on Android now makes use of Google’s Widevine digital rights management solution, which helps protect media companies from piracy. And it seems the logic that is being followed here is that since rooted devices gives users more control over the operating system, there might be a chance you can circumvent the barriers put up by the DRM.

While it’s a well-intentioned move for the streaming service, it does sadly impact users who root their devices to get greater control over their devices and not use it to bypass security measures. If you rooted your Android phone, you can check if your device is still compatible with the app by visiting Google Play Store.

Source: The Verge + Android Police

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