When was the last time you thought about tire warranties? We’re constantly reminded to proactively ensure that our cars in tip-top shape, but the most we ever think about our cars is when something goes horribly wrong. Even if it’s not wise, there’s nothing inherently wrong with that. Our cars are tough beasts who can take a beating.

If there’s one thing that automotive warranties or insurances should be, it’s to be simple. The country’s newest warranty comes in the form of Goodyear’s Worry Free Assurance, which includes free roadside assistance, complimentary servicing, and free tire replacement.

The Goodyear Worry Free Assurance is now the standard warranty coverage that comes with selected models of Goodyear tires. Fulfilled in partnership with MAA General Assurance as the insurance and emergency roadside assistance partner, the Worry Free Assurance guarantees 24/7 Emergency Roadside assistance not just for any tire-related incidents but for any vehicle breakdown as well as a Personal Accident Insurance of up to P50,000 for the driver of the enrolled vehicle. Also included in the coverage are Goodyear’s five-year limited warranty (from date of purchase) against manufacturer defects, one-year Road Hazard Warranty (for select tire patterns) and an easy 0% interest payment scheme for up to six months.

With the purchase of two eligible tires of the same patterns and size, customers are automatically eligible for Goodyear’s Worry Free Assurance. This is exclusively offered in Goodyear Autocare and Servitek outlets. The vehicle fitted with the new Goodyear tires is eligible for the Assurance’s benefits for one year after activation.

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