Facebook is hosting today its #SheMeansBusiness 24-hour around-the-world Facebook Live broadcast. You can check out the link for more information on that. But aside from that event, you can show solidarity for International Women’s Day by going live on your own, checking out a local women-led group or event, writing a supportive post, or by sharing a related video or photo.

Here are quick tips we got from the social media giant:

  • Show support for the day by sharing the celebratory artwork you may see at the top of News Feed, or by clicking on the “Explore Inspiring Stories” button to visit the #SheMeansBusiness site.
  • Share a conversation on Facebook Live to celebrate women’s progress and achievements.
  • Write a post, share a video or photo about women making a difference in all communities around the world.
  • Find a local International Women’s Day event or discover a women-focused group that’s relevant to issues close to your heart and get involved. People in over 100 countries around the world have already taken to Facebook to organize thousands of events related to International Women’s Day. This morning the AWEN- Asean Women Entrepreneurs Network and ECHOstore Philippines went live to share insights for #SheMeansBusiness.

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