With Netflix promising to do more work into the mobile space and smartphones getting bigger, better screens, the company’s latest announcement doesn’t come as a surprise.

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings announced at Mobile World Congress that the streaming video service will soon support HDR video streaming on smartphones. And the move will start with the LG G6. Having an 18:9 display ratio, LG’s latest flagship allows for full screen viewing of Netflix originals like House of Cards and Stranger Things. Now, you can add being able to see these shows in HDR, too. The change brings a bump in price at US$11.99 a month instead of US$9.99 and, of course, higher data use.

Aside from HDR, Hastings also announced that there will be new video encodes for mobile devices to help those with poor internet connection (like our country) to stream up to 30 hours of Netflix videos per month even with a small 2GB data cap.

Source: Android Authority

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