How many times have you thought about your health lately? Chances are that you have. When asked in a survey, Filipinos indicate that health concerns remain one of their top concerns. However, with the way that we live our daily lives, it’s also true that we haven’t done much to address these concerns. Last year saw the Philippines plummet to number 9 out of 15 Asia-Pacific countries in the annual Healthy Living Index.

Insurance policies exist aplenty in the Philippines, but Philam Life is turning that business model on its head. Rather than the usual reactive way of looking at insurance (i.e. payout once something bad happens), Philam Life is taking a proactive approach to healthy living. They want to improve Filipino health and wellness before risks set in.

Philam Life formally launched the Philam Vitality Active mobile app. This app is a simpler, more accessible version of Philam’s full-blown wellness plan, namely the Philam Vitality Plan. It is designed to reward its users for every personal health goal they achieve.

Every user is tasked to complete a short wellness questionnaire to calculate their Philam Vitality Age as a gauge of how well he/she lives. They will then be given weekly challenges that they can accomplish by completing a certain number of steps as measured by a fitness device or free fitness app. For every challenge completed for two consecutive weeks, users will receive exciting rewards such as free cinema passes, hours at the SM Skating Rink and Bowling Alley, Blink subscriptions, and Grab discounts, among others.

To further emphasize this advocacy, Philam has recruited Philippine volleyball superstars Mika Reyes and Alyssa Valdez as ambassadors for the Philam Vitality Active app. In line with the new ambassadors, the app will be holding an eight-week raffle. Users only have to input “ACTIVEMIKA” or “ACTIVE ALYSSA” as a promo code to get a chance to win a Garmin Vivofit 3 once a week from March 1 to April 30.

The Philam Vitality Active Mobile app is available now for free on the Apple App Store or Google Play.

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