Let’s take a look at the current educational landscape: a dizzying number of digital tools, students’ shrinking attention spans, and teachers forced to keep abreat with every advancement. Thankfully, Google has a solution for all these three: Toontastic 3D.

A brand new version of the widely-praised 2011 animation app Toontastic, this app aims to let both teachers and kids harness their creative storytelling skills in three dimension by making their own tales with their own characters in a customized setting.

Toontastic 3d gameplay

The gameplay within Toontastic 3D is simple: users will be initially presented with an option to create a three-part “short story,” a five-part “classic,” or a science report video. Then, they can choose from any of the background setting templates or create their own world while within the app. The same holds true for characters—Google claims teachers and kids can recolor a character template or create one from scratch.

When the elements of the story have been picked, users can then record themselves talking while moving the characters around just like puppets. Teachers and students can also swap, move, and change the appearance of characters in the scene anytime.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c0I58rFe18Q]

Toontastic 3D is now available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store for free and does not require any log-in or in-app purchases.

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Luigie Hadap

Luigie Pantoja Hadap is a journalism graduate and a millennial teacher who devours tech updates when he gets his hands on them and students when they get too rowdy (luckily they don’t). He lives in the South but enjoys the activity of Manila.