LG is one of the few brands who took on the challenge of releasing modular smartphones. By modular, we mean, you can swap out parts of the device to add features to it (for example, better battery, improved camera control, etc.). The South Korean tech company called these accessories as “Friends”. But, unfortunately, it looks like the friendship is over when the new LG flagship comes out.

Leaked renders from @OnLeaks and Gear India show the LG G6 going for a more conventional, iPhone-esque look. Unlike the curved sides of the G5’s display, the G6 goes flat with its 5.3-inch Quad HD display. As you can see from the shots below, it doesn’t look like the chin is removable, suggesting LG has at least momentarily given up on the idea of a modular device. (We assume poor sales has something to do with that.)




We can see LG including a USB Type-C port into the device, bottom-firing speaker, dual-camera setup with flash, and fingerprint scanner. Thankfully, LG hasn’t decided to copy all of Apple’s design decisions and opted to have the 3.5mm audio jack still included in the phone. The dimensions of the G6 are 148.8 x 72.3 x 8.3mm (top) / 8.0mm (bottom). The G6 is also rumored to be having a “highly reflective metallic material” for the back. We worry that’s code for fingerprint magnet.

As for its innards, Gear India claims it’ll run on a Snapdragon 835 processor. But that’s speculation at this point. LG is expected to show off this device in at Mobile World Congress 2017 in February in Barcelona, Spain.

Source: Android Police + IBTimes

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