Following the tragic news of Carrie Fisher’s death, questions have surfaced about what would happen to her involvement in a number of film and TV projects. The biggest is her role in the current Star Wars trilogy. It has been reported that Fisher, who plays Leia Organa in the iconic franchise, was able to finish shooting for the eighth installment of Star Wars.

David James / ©Lucasfilm 2015

David James / ©Lucasfilm 2015

The film wrapped up shooting back in July and is currently in post-production. The question remains what would happen to her role after this movie. Leia went from being the tough princess who was fighting against the Empire in the original Star Wars trilogy to a general for the Resistance in The Force Awakens. Safe to say it just won’t be the same without her. We join the world in mourning the death of a wonderful woman.

Source: io9

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