The #SmartUnbox event earlier today was a gift that kept on giving. And we’re here to round up all the new promotions meant to improve the digital lifestyle of its subscribers.

New Giga Plans

Who doesn’t want more data in this internet-reliant age? Smart boosted its Giga Plans to offer what it claims is 10 times more data than previous plans. There’s also the new line-only Giga Plans, which promises twice the amount of data given to handset plans. So, if you’d rather stick with your device, that’s now an option, too. Smart Infinity subscribers aren’t left out in the cold as the telco plans to offer up to 60GB allocation for members.

Even Smart Bro subscribers will get better plans, one such plan mentioned by Kathy Carag, Smart’s Mobile Marketing head, includes Plan 499 for 6GB of data. This new plan comes with a free LTE pocket Wi-Fi. But this offer will only be available until December 31, 2016.

Spreading #SmartLove this Christmas

Just in time for the holidays, Smart is offering its subscribers chances to win everything from holiday getaways to Uber and Airbnb vouchers, to free data. All you’d need to do is join key events happening around the country for this #SmartLove Christmas giveaway promo.

Smart also announced that they are finally bringing iWantTV to its subscribers and it will soon be part of the offerings under Giga Plans.

PayMaya perks

The partnership between Smart and PayMaya is bringing a lot of exclusive perks to Smart subscribers. Aside from introducing a new Smart MasterCard—which allows you to pay bills, hail an Uber, and shop online and in stores—Smart talked up some of the perks you can get. These include 10 percent discount on Smart prepaid load when you buy it within the PayMaya app as well as discounts and perks from Zalora, Jollibee, and many others.

Smart World for travelers

Smart is also making it easier for the travel-hungry Pinoy to stay connected while you see the world. One of the new offerings is Smart Chat Abroad. Prepaid subscribers can use any one of the six popular chat messaging apps—Facebook Messenger, Viber, Telegram, WeChat, Line, and WhatsApp—while traveling in over 130 countries for a fixed rate of P150 per day.

If messaging isn’t the only thing you do, Smart will be offering the Smart World Travel Wi-Fi. It gives both Smart subscribers and non-Smart subscribers the ability to rent a pocket Wi-Fi at a cost starting at P399 per day. Smart is even willing to deliver the device to your home if you live within Metro Manila.

Smart is unveiling a lot more in the coming weeks, including the release of the iPhone 7 devices this Friday. We will keep you posted for updates.

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