These new headphones from French high-fidelity audio systems maker Focal has us craving from some new cans. Here are three new headphones for you to lust over.

Spirit Classic

Spirit Classic is born from the combination of Focal’s latest developments in headphones micro-acoustics as well as our legendary know-how in the design of high-performance transducers. The headband and the memory foam ear cushions are perfectly sized for optimal comfort. The cone is true to the “Spirit of Sound” philosophy: mass, stiffness, and damping are all controlled for dynamic, lifelike sound. Last but not least, Spirit Classic’s sound tuning is perfect for listening at home: extended low-end, a detailed mid-range, and linear top-end for a lighter, open sound.


Key Features

  • Circum-aural closed headphones
  • High-dynamic, faithful music reproduction
  • Light cone (86mg as against a market average of 110mg), giving faster acceleration for more dynamic signal response
  • Stiff, no-deformation cone dome for signal reproduction with no added distortion
  • Optimal comfort and sound insulation
  • Cable with call management controls for use with portable devices

Spirit One S

Spirit One S is the natural evolution of Spirit One, the company’s first portable headphones launched in 2012 which have been widely acclaimed for their sound rendering (EISA award 2012-2013). Spirit One S are portable headphones providing tonal balance adapted for noisy environments requiring reinforced bass. These closed back headphones offer unrivaled insulation, thanks to the ear cups which are 7mm larger, and provide significantly increased levels of comfort. The quality of the mid-range treble register has also been greatly improved. Indeed, the lessons learnt with Spirit Classic and Spirit Professional headphones have been applied to the transducer, which features an ultra-light hybrid Mylar/Titanium cone. Finally, the mechanical properties of the headphones have also been greatly improved, the finish is even more elegant and the price is even more competitive.


Key Features

  • Closed back, circum-aural type
  • Portable headphones, light, comfortable and providing excellent insulation
  • In-line controller and built-in microphone, compatible with all smartphones
  • Supplied with a rigid carrying case and a soft carrying bag
  • A reference in terms of sound quality with reinforced bass for on-the-go use

Spirit Professional

The Spirit Professional headphone is a direct result of the renowned expertise of Focal: the design of high performance transducers. In keeping with the monitor loudspeakers of this French manufacturer, the Spirit Professional headphone ensures precise control of quality without compromise.The utmost attention paid to the design of the Mylar/Titanium alloy drivers results in sound reproduction that respects the original dynamics of the audio signal, while providing a remarkable degree of definition and neutrality. Finally, the highly accurate reproduction of bass frequencies will reveal the smallest defects in the mix, while avoiding acoustic constraints of the workspace.


Key Features

  • Acoustic transparency and ease of use
  • Precise and detailed sound reproduction, without distortion
  • Excellent isolation and acoustic coupling to the ear
  • Total control of the audio band
  • Optimal comfort

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