It’s been a busy week for tech so we wouldn’t want to keep you waiting anymore for these important updates. Here’s your weekly ICYME dose:

  • Much ado about the new iPhones. Whether you love it or hate it, the new Apple iPhone 7 and 7 Plus are here and ready to head your way. Will you be picking one up once it comes to the Philippines or is the lack of a headphone jack too much of an issue for you? No matter what, it would seem this is what the future is going to be like for iPhone users. Now, if Apple really wants a wireless-free future, quick charging might be on its way, too.
  • LG’s new powerhouse device. Not to be outdone, LG unveiled the new V20 smartphone. This successor to the V10 is what the G5 could be like if it took the middle, “more normal” route. No, it doesn’t have the modular capabilities of the G5 but it can still swap out batteries and it packs in so much tech the inner geek in you would be very happy.
  • No expiration dates for prepaid cards? If Department of Trade and Industry Secretary had his way, prepaid cards shouldn’t have expiry dates tacked onto them. Secretary Ramon M. Lopez reasons that since people have already paid for the services, there is no reason they should be denied the service in the future. We have to wholeheartedly agree with him. Now, let’s hope the government does something to remedy this.
  • Immerse yourself in all things IFA. We’re still right in the middle of uploading all our stories from the recently concluded IFA 2016, which was held in Berlin, Germany. You can check out the latest gadgets outed by some of the big names in the industry here in this link.
  • Congratulations to Jessica Jones! The Emmys are still a week away but Marvel already has their arms up in the air to celebrate. The Creative Arts Emmys are held a week before the actual show to promote technical excellence in television. Marvel’s Jessica Jones has been nominated for Outstanding Main Title Design and Outstanding Main Title Theme Music. Sean Callery, the show’s scorer, took home the Emmy for Outstanding Main Title Theme Music. The win makes it Marvel’s first Emmy.
  • Walking with my Pokemon. Niantic is set to release its first update in a while. The update will launch a new feature which allows trainers to “walk” side-by-side with their favorite Pokemon as they play the game. Walking with Pokemon will net trainers specific rewards. For now, the only reward we know of is candy corresponding to that Pokemon. The update will also add compatibility with Pokemon Go Plus, a wearable to accompany the app.
  • PH racing goes to Silverstone. After weeks of searching, the Nissan GT Academy finally has six gamer turned racecar driver hopefuls to bring to Silverstone, UK for racecar driver training. The six will compete with each other then with other countries to earn the right to enter Nissan’s Driver Development Program and become a professional racecar driver under Nissan. This second batch of potential drivers include the program’s first Filipina and couple.

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