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    • Let the Pokémania begin. We’re not even sure if we should say begin or continue. But what we can say is we woke up on Saturday morning to see the Pokémon Go app available for both Android and iOS users. And both of the major telcos (Globe and Smart) are offering free access to the app. PayMaya is also offering easy access to purchasing Pokécoins. But we want to remind you, still be alert of your surroundings and don’t cause an inconvenience to others.
    • Stranger Things outs the creepiest trailer ever. Netflix’s first foray into virtual reality is quite an ingenius marketing ploy for one of its newest shows, Stranger Things. This trailer is best viewed if you have a Gear VR or Google Cardboard or any other VR headset that has YouTube on it. But it’ll also work on your desktop or mobile phone. Like other 360° videos on YouTube, you can swipe through to experience the eerie vibe in Will Byers’ home.(You can also check out our review here.)
    • LG V20 to debut next month. The follow-up to LG’s V10 smartphone is coming soon. It’ll be debuting on September 6th in San Francisco, USA and September 7th in Seoul, South Korea. It could be a simultaneous launch. It’s tagline is “Play More” so people are speculating this could be a modular device or it could introduce new “Friends,” which the LG G5 has. The V20 is considered one of the first, if not the first, non-Nexus device to get Android Nougat out of the gate.
    • Samsung unveils the Galaxy Note7. We now know why 6 is afraid of 7. Because 7 just ousted 6 as the new Galaxy Note phablet. Sporting new features like an improved S Pen, IP68 resistance, and an amazingly accurate iris scanner, the Note7 isn’t pulling its punches as the new go-to phone for productivity. It will be available starting August 20 for P39,990.
    • Suicide Squad releases to mostly negative reviews. It’s a sad week in geektown. After enjoying an explosive hype train, Suicide Squad is turning out to disappoint the DCEU community. It follows the same track that Batman v Superman suffered on its release. Shoddy editing, lackadaisical writing, paper-thin characters? Who’s to blame? All we’re hoping for now is a much better Ultimate Edition.
    • Welcome to Rio! It’s Olympics fever once again. The Rio Olympics kicked off to an explosive start this week. For the Philippines, 13 athletes are vying for medals to bring home. As early as now, we already have a silver medalist in Hidilyn Diaz for weightlifting. In other Olympics-related news, Overwatch, Blizzard’s hit MMO shooter, released Olympics-themed skins for all of its characters.

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