The proliferation of smartphones has brought about a concern about the harmful effects of radiofrequency (RF) radiation. While scientists still have to agree about this health concern it’s never unwise to play safe. This Anti-Radiation Headset from Vest aims to do just that by moving the Bluetooth radio away from your ears.

  • Unique and innovative design. The Vest Anti-Radiation Headset consists of two components: a Bluetooth receiver housed in an enclosure similar to a flash drive and the air tube headset. Unlike the typical headset, the Anti-Radiation Headset delivers sound to your ears acoustically. The actual transducers (or speakers) are housed in a small plastic capsule at the plug-end of the headset, away from the wearer’s head; where studies suggest radiation does the most harm.
  • How does it sound? Because the sound has to travel through a hollow silicone tube to get to your ears, it loses brilliance and presence. Even bass notes seem muddy and less defined. Excessive movement also causes unwanted sound mixed in with your music. Pinching the air tube (or lying on it) can completely block sound from reaching your ear.
  • Function follows form. Unlike standard wired headsets which often feature meter long cords, the air tube headset extends just a few inches below the chin. This means you can only clip the receiver around your collar, not anywhere lower. This might pose a problem with lower cut necklines.
  • The beat goes on. In actual use, battery life goes beyond the six hours specified by the manufacturers. It isn’t improbable that your smartphone’s battery expires way ahead of the headset. The unit only takes a couple of hours to recharge back to full.


The Vest Anti-Radiation Headset competes in a very crowded marketplace where price will often sway a buyer’s decision. Although it achieves what it aims to accomplish ably, with a suggested retail price of just under P4,000, it might appeal only to the most health-conscious consumer.


Features Reduces radiation exposure by up to 98%; FCC Certified Laboratories tested and proven; patent protected (no. 8577064 B2); flexible & untangling silicone air tube; compatible with all major 3.5mm pin mobile devices
Battery 100mAh Lithium-Polymer; 300 lifetime charge cycles; 150 hours standby; 6 hours talk time
Package Contents Air tube headset; Bluetooth device with radiation shield; mini-USB charging cable; 3 pairs of interchangeable silicone ear dubs
Price P3,950
Test: Anti-Radiation Headset from Vest
Form Factor8
Build Quality8
Ease of Use8
Value for Money7
7.6Overall Score

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