Global smartphone brand Vivo officially announced its arrival in the country with new smartphone offerings that highlight their expertise in aesthetics, performance, and audio quality.

Vivo is largely known for its first-to-market innovations such as the Vivo X1, one of the slimmest smartphones in 2012 and the world’s first smartphone that came equipped with a Digital-to-Analog (DAC) converter Hi-Fi chip. This innovation was followed up by the Vivo X3 in 2013, the world’s first smartphone which sported a 2K resolution display.

“Vivo always takes great pride in our innovation, as we constantly develop high-quality, ground-breaking smartphones that focus on key interest areas for young people. Our smartphones carry class-leading features such as immersive audio quality, beautifully-crafted design, and captivating user experiences,” said Annie Lim, Vivo Philippines Brand Director. “With our entry in the Philippine market, Vivo is excited to offer these innovations to the Filipino youth who would no doubt find our offerings a compelling companion in their daily lives.”

Vivo’s innovative product offerings are made possible through its in-house research and development centers, which together employ the expertise of 1,600 design, product development, and marketing staff. In addition, Vivo invested in a Hi-Fi acoustics lab in 2011, enabling the brand to develop cutting-edge smartphones that are equipped with high-quality audio hardware that provide users with an immersive and enhanced listening experience through Hi-Fi DAC chips. These resources allow Vivo to provide high-quality smartphones that appeal to consumers who value top-notch audio and a smooth user experience.

Adding a layer of productivity and accessibility features is Vivo’s own reimagining of the Android OS. All Vivo smartphones come with Vivo’s proprietary Funtouch OS based on Android, which guarantees that all Android-based applications are available to Vivo users. The Android-based OS features functions such as customizable screen unlocking gestures, highly personalized themes, and easy-access options designed to make the user’s experience simple, intelligent, and intuitive.

Vivo’s first product offering in the country, the Vivo Y51, will be available for PHP 7,990 in major branches of Memo Xpress, Ez Text, Fonetwist, Flasher, Mege One, Twinline, Cyberwidget, Cybertab, CQE, Aerophone, and Wiltelcom branches in Manila, Cebu, and Davao by March 29, 2016, with more product options set to land in the country by Q2 2016 onwards

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