Tech and even motoring companies like to get in on the tomfoolery of April Fools’ Day. Here are some of our favorite pranks and tricks of the day. And yes, we will still admit some of them we wish actually exist.

Gmail Mic Drop
Want to leave a Gmail thread in high style? Gmail introduces Mic Drop feature. Basically, it’s a tool (or gif) that will let the people in that overbearing thread you’re done with them. Simply select the Send + Mic Drop button and send them the message you’ve been dying to say to end this conversation. Hey, you might lose friends over this but at least you get a quiet inbox out of it.


Samsung smart trousers
IoT doesn’t just mean Internet of Things. For Samsung, it means Internet of Trousers. These smart pants come with Wi-Fly, which lets you know via your smartphone if your fly is open. It’ll let you know if you’ve been sitting for too long. If it feels you gaining weight, it can even lock your fridge. And like other smart wearables, it can track your heart rate and blood pressure.

Samsung Smart Trouser

Sony Proton Pack
Who says the Proton Pack is just for the Ghostbusters? Sony brings your ghost busting dreams to life with the Proton Pack. Sony explains the tech behind it: “Superconducting temperatures are maintained by a liquid helium reservoir, and an active cryocooler ensures that operational time vastly exceeds that available from a cryogen dewar alone.” Whatever that means. On top of that, it packs in a Sony Cyber-Shot RX camera, a Short Throw 4K projector, and Stamina battery mode for those long ghost hunting days.

Proton Pack

Google Photos Emoji Search
You no longer need proper words to do image search on Google Photos. All you need to do is input an emoji and Photos will look for the appropriate image for you. Honestly though, we can’t say if this is a prank as the feature actually works.

Honda Emoji Plate Numbers
The things you own show off your values, so why can’t that be the same for the plate numbers on your car? Honda introduces the first emoji plate number meant to appeal to younger buyers to show off their personalities and interests. Now, someone get these to our streets.

Honda Emoji Plates

Source: Venture Beat + Pocket-Lint

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