Writing about television sets can be as technical as one can get. Pixel counts, saturation levels, 3D technology. Specs mean a lot to the technically-inclined. But deep inside, TVs are love affairs between technology and lifestyle. Despite flaunting the latest in screen technology, TVs are the central set pieces around which we revolve our living rooms.

A TV set that is stylistically designed for the lifestyle market hits the nail on the head. In living rooms designed by home and lifestyle store, Heima, Sony Philippines launched their BRAVIA 2016 collection that boasts of harmonic living room dynamics and state-of-the-art 4K technology.


Slice of life

Sony calls it “slice of living.” The new BRAVIA televisions are aesthetically designed with sleek lines and slim displays that complement any home interior. For example, the X9300D series has a miniscule gap between the body and the wall, which virtually leaves nothing but the picture. The new BRAVIA sets are no longer appliances at home, but masterpieces you hang in your living room.


4K technology are turning into the norm. More and more TVs and content are broadcasting in glorious 4K resolution. The new BRAVIA series is no different. What brings the new sets out from the rest is brilliant HDR technology. Equipped with the latest 4K and HDR technology, the new BRAVIA series brings excellence in resolution, clarity, and vibrance.

The new X9300D is also equipped with Sony’s new Slim Backlight Drive, which manually alters brightness and contrast depending on the scene depicted on the screen.


Google Android

Last year, Sony releases TVs that were installed with the Android TV UI. Following in the previous year’s footsteps, the X9300D and X8500D are also equipped with Android, which allows live TV broadcasting, Internet video services, enhanced content navigation, compatibility with Chromecast, and voice search functions.

Full HD

Meanwhile, the BRAVIA 2016 collection features X-Reality PRO that provides stunning details for any content, even TV broadcastings, DVDs, Blu-rays, and Internet services. Even with a lack of 4K HDR content in the market, the new BRAVIA series is able to up-convert smaller content to near 4K HDR. Sony wants to bring its users to maximum 4K enjoyment in whichever setting and whatever content they are viewing.

The W65D and W60 series incorporates Clear Phase audio technology that analyzes and compensates for inaccuracies in the built-in loudspeaker’s response. This results in accurate reproductions on all frequencies. They are fitted with Wi-Fi Photo Sharing Plus that allows up to 10 users to share photos and music wirelessly.

With X-Protection Pro, the TVs of the BRAVIA 2016 collection are durable and protected against dust, lightning, surges, and humidity.


Zoom in for spec sheet.

Pricing and Availability

The X9300D 4K HDR will be available in 55” and 65” Class models. The 55” will retail for P155,599, while the 65” will retail for P222,299. They will be available starting April 2016.

The X8500D 4K HDR will be available in 55”, 65”, and 75” Class models. The 55” costs P99,999; the 65” is at P166,699; and, the 75” is at P277,799. They will be available starting April 2016.

The W65D Full HD Series will be available in 40”, 48”, and 55” models. The W60D HD will be available in 32 inches. Prices for these models will be announced in April 2016, and will be available themselves starting May 2016.

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