Sushi may be eaten using chopsticks or your hand, depending on the sushi type, but listed below are some of the basic etiquette in the artful way of eating sushi:

1. Be polite. Greet and ask the itamae (sushi chef) for his sushi recommendation. This shows that you trust his judgment and his skills.

2. When provided with an oshibori (washcloth), use it and clean your hands before you dig in.

Sushi (1)

3. You may use your chopsticks or your hands when picking up the sushi. Dip the fish in the shoyu (Japanese soy sauce) lightly and eat it whole with the fish making direct contact with your tongue. Don’t dip the rice in the soy sauce.

4. Put small portions of wasabi on your sushi, unless this is the nigiri sushi where the wasabi has already been placed by the itamae within the sushi. Don’t put wasabi directly in your shoyu, that’s bad practice.

5. The pickled ginger exists to clean your palate, therefore eat it in between sushi bites. Don’t eat it together with the sushi, just don’t.

Thank the sushi chef!

Thank the sushi chef!

6. Be painfully aware of several do’s and don’ts when it comes to chopsticks. The blunt ends of the chopsticks are used to take food from a shared plate. Make use of the provided chopstick rest when not in use, and place chopsticks across the shoyu saucer, parallel to your chest and the sushi bar.

7. Appreciate the beauty, enjoy the food, and thank the itamae when you’re done eating.

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