Darker and sexier is at the heart of the new Rolls-Royce Black Badge

It may seem like there are infinite ways to customize a Rolls-Royce (and there probably are), here’s one more thing to add to that list.

Rolls-Royce is introducing a new look supposedly meant for “disruptors” or people “driven by their restless spirits to change the world in their own way” (as Rolls-Royce describes in its press release). It’s supposedly for the younger set who are “self-empowered, self-confident rule-breakers” that “engage with the night… go where it leads, and take all it has to offer as their just reward.” Honestly, we know the great majority of the younger audience (and even a lot of the older people) might not even come close to affording the new Black Badge but let’s just admire the sexiness of this new blacked-out Rolls-Royce.

And it really is blacked-out as Rolls-Royce claims the black paint used in the Black Badge is the darkest black “ever seen on a production car surface.” Yes, it calls out to your Dark Knight/Bruce Wayne inclinations.

Some of the new custom or bespoke elements include the Spirit of Ecstasy ornament on the front of the bonnet comes in high-gloss black now to match the silver-on-black Double RR badge on the front. Things likes the front grille surround, boot lid finisher, and exhaust have all been darkened.

Its composite carbon fiber and alloy wheels took four years to develop. It sports 22 layers of carbon fiber that are folded back on themselves at the outer edge of the rim.

The interiors have a new aluminum-threaded carbon fiber that’s covered with six coats of lacquer, cured for 72 hours, and hand-polished. Basically, it turns the smaller Ghost sedan or the two-door Wraith get turned into dark, brooding sexy cars inside and out.

There’s also a power boost, too. The Ghost Black Badge gets an extra 40 horsepower over the regular version and an improved transmission map to give it “an added sense of urgency” in how power gets delivered. The gears are held longer and downshifts are easier to provoke when accelerating. The Wraith Black Badge gets similar tweaks. And brakes for these two get an extra inch on the front discs.

There is no word yet how much this will cost. Pricey would probably be an understatement. But it sure is gorgeous.

Source: The Verge

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