For the head of a company or somebody who sits at the top of an organization, the road to achieve that lofty position was never easy. Getting to the top means exerting hard work, coupled with a commitment to perfection and excellence.

For Seiko, one of the world’s leading watch manufacturers, it believes that every watch should be grand in every way: from design, assembly, total craftsmanship, functionality, to durability. After all, the most exquisite of timepieces have been synonymous to represent fashion, prosperity, and, of course, power. Most successful people show off their achievements or economic status either through their cars or the watch they wear, which is a more personal statement.

Grand Seiko 55th Anniversary Spring Drive Chronograph SBGC013 2

From the truest of all master watchmakers such as Seiko comes Grand Seiko. For the last more than half a century, the Grand Seiko remains to be at the pinnacle of Seiko’s achievements as a fully integrated watchmaker.

From the time the first Grand Seiko was born in Nagano prefecture in central Japan, Seiko never failed to showcase its dedication and staunch commitment to make mechanical watchmaking a symbol of perfection reserved for only a select few, men who are distinguished because of their achievements and standards in life.

The other Grand Seiko models that followed featured innovative watchmaking technology that has become the hallmark of Seiko watches it sold around the world.

Grand Seiko (3)

Mention of the self-dater, the self-winding, the automatic and manual winding 10-beat models, the super high precision V.F.A. or Very Fine Adjusted mechanicals, the quartz and water-resistant Grand Seiko watches, nothing comes to mind except Seiko.

A little over a decade ago, Seiko introduced the super accurate 9F quartz watches that surpassed the already established quartz qualities. Then there was the 9S series that set the standards of the new generation of mechanical watches when it comes to cutting-edge production yet still maintained Grand Seiko’s traditional values.

Spring Drive caliber 9R series (2)

And more recently, Grand Seiko’s Spring Drive caliber 9R series was introduced that features Seiko’s Spring Drive technology. This is where the second hand continuously moves instead of the usual beats per time unit commonly found in quartz or mechanical watches.

Above all, the Grand Seiko calibers were created with the men of grand status in mind: high accuracy, legibility, and reliability. This crafted masterpiece of expert watchmakers from Seiko continues to be a symbol of perfection in watchmaking, which remains to be “THE” standard for all analog quartz watches, a befitting representation of men who want to be recognized for all their achievements.

The Grand Seiko is available at Seiko boutique located at the Ground floor level of Glorietta 1.

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