Oppo has been making waves in the local scene, both from its range of smartphones at different price points, its choice of celebrity endorser, and its considerable sponsorship of the Philippine Basketball Association’s Commissioner’s Cup conference. The Chinese tech company’s expansion in general has been aggressive of late when it comes to actual products, but for this year’s Mobile World Congress, Oppo opted to make an impression in a different way. Rather than throwing in a bunch of new phones for the year, the company announced big technology innovations in two fields: charging and smartphone cameras.


Super-fast charging

Oppo’s Super VOOC Flash Charge has been a part of the company’s phones since their local debut with continuous developments. This time around, Oppo claims that their charging method can fill up a 2,500mAh battery from dead empty to full in fifteen minutes. Five minutes on their charger can result in up to 2 hours of talk time.

It’s no surprise however, that Oppo has been able to achieve charging speeds this fast. Their handsets and accessories are all made in-house, so they have control over every single detail when it comes to their phones, allowing them to squeeze out as much power as possible from their batteries and at the same time, control how much juice is pumping through the charger into the phone, keeping temperatures low and everything else efficient.

OPPO F1, the Selfie Expert

OPPO F1, the Selfie Expert

Smart Sensor Image Stabilizer

Oppo’s other announcement in favor of actual phones has to do with a handset feature many Pinoys love: the cameras. In the past, Oppo favored a rotating camera setup, so the phone actually has just one camera but can take photos from the back and the front as well.

This time around, the company has developed an image stabilizer that is a step up above other manufacturers’ releases, but can also be crammed into smaller-sized smartphones. The Smart Sensor Image Stabilizer detects motion in three axes (X, Y, and Z) as opposed to the usual two in traditional cameras with OIS. This means it can correct images faster at 15 milliseconds – compared to the standard 50 in other smartphones, reduce blur better, and actually consumes less power to complete its operation.

Like the new VOOC, Oppo’s Smart Sensor Image Stabilizer only comes with Oppo smartphones, but here’s to hoping that other manufacturers also figure out this kind of technology so it can become standard issue in all upcoming devices in the future.

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