Think good ‘ol English is too boring? Have your Facebook speak to you in Pirate and have it call all your friends “Cap’n” and let you express your excitement in “Shiver me timbers!”

Facebook Pirate cover

One of those Facebook Easter eggs we haven’t really paid attention to has also changed the terminology for the reaction buttons. Take a look at them below.


Shiver me timbers!

Walk on the plank

Warms me cockles!

Yo ho ho!

Sadly, like is still like. And warm me cockles is a highly questionable term, Facebook.

To start speaking Pirate, just head over to Settings > Languages > English (Pirate). Savvy…?

Oh, and there’s also English (Upside Down), which as the name suggests turns the letters upside down, or if you want to indulge your inner geek, you can change this to Leet Speak, too.

NOTE: It seems to only work for the desktop though.

Source: The Verge

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