BMW is one of the many automakers that will be coming to Las Vegas in the next few days for the Consumer Electronics Show 2016. The German car maker is introducing AirTouch, a gesture-based control system.

This display makes use of sensors to let you control things like navigaton, entertainment, and communication using “simple gestures” made with a flat hand without even having to make contact with the panorama display.

BMW AirTouch

The first iteration came out last year in the BMW 7 Series as the Gesture Control feature. AirTouch introduces a new concealed button on the rim of the steering wheel and in the side sill of the door area for the passenger side, making it easy to navigate the interface. You can also tap on it once to change a setting or go to a desired menu. From the passenger side, you can use one hand to navigate through the menus and the other hand to input things quickly.

We should learn more about this next week at CES. Make sure to watch this space as we cover the first tech show of the year.

Source: BMW

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