Let’s be honest, Google Glass was a dud. The tech giant tried to market it as much as possible but it was hit by one catastrophe after another. But Google’s not giving up on it yet. It’s wearable technology team, Project Aura, have supposedly been working on an “enterprise version” of the wearable device.

Google Glass (2)

An FCC filing shows us what this workplace version might look like. It now has a hinge that will make it easier to fold and store the wearable device away (similar to your actual glasses). But it seems to have a bigger prism so it can expand the field of view of its floating display.

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We can’t say yet if it’ll still come with the original nose bridge but there was one image submitted with it. Perhaps Google plans to make it something you can attach or detach easily. Or maybe there won’t be any frame this time at all?

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The new Glass is also rumoured to support 5GHz Wi-Fi and come with better built-in battery, improved camera, and faster Intel processor. It’ll also be built to withstand damage from more rigorous work environments and it’ll be waterproof.

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Google has yet to acknowledge they are working on this device. But it has been previously reported that the company is sending out units to its Google’s Glass for Work partners to create proprietary software with it.

Source: The Verge

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