Sometimes all you need to email is a generic response. Instead of having to type out the phrase/phrases, Google’s Inbox app has a new Smart Reply feature. It’s rather similar to the canned responses you can send out but Google’s engineers promise these use more “natural-sounding” language.

The iOS and Android app is able to do this because it scans through your messages and recognizes the different types. From there, it will suggest possible phrases for you to use. But wait, before you panic and say this is complete invasion of privacy, engineers claim this is completely run on artificial intelligence or what Google calls machine learning to create the responses for you. It supposedly uses a “deep neural network that writes email,” which means machines analyze message content while using a complex set of programmed rules to feed you responses that you can use.

You can then choose the appropriate phrase to use and just hit send. Or you can also ignore the suggestions and type out your reply. All you need to do is tap on the message box to continue. Of course, you can also edit the canned responses to fit your needs. Right now you can’t disable the feature though.

Source: The New York Times

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