Lenovo has dunked more letters into their alphabet soup lineup with the launch of their VIBE P and VIBE S series of mobile phones. Power and style. Consumers constantly look for both when they hunt for smartphones. These words embody (and actually spell out) what the VIBE P and S series are.

The VIBE P1 and the P1m let Lenovo’s busiest customers stay constantly powered, connected, and productive while on the go. They are both equipped with an exceptionally large battery which comes built in with battery-centric features that maximize their large power capacity. On the other hand, the unique VIBE S1 is equipped with two front cameras that allow users to take one-of-a-kind selfies.

S is for Style

Selfies have been catchwords ever since the invention of the front-facing camera. The VIBE S1 takes selfies to new levels with a secondary front camera. It might as well stand for “selfies,” in addition to “style.”

The VIBE S1 uses both its dual selfie cameras in tandem to take unique and smarter selfies. The 8MP primary front camera takes sharper photos while the 2MP secondary front camera analyzes depth of field information to replicate human binocular vision.


Features within the phone tailor selfies the user takes according to preference. “Blur” allows users to refocus anywhere on the selfie for up to 3 focal planes, while adding a bokeh effect to the background will enhance and stylize a selfie or get rid of a photobomber. The “Cut Out” feature crops people out of a selfie and then place them on any other image or background from a wide selection preloaded (or downloaded manually) on the VIBE S1. The front camera also has a BSI sensor that improves clarity and quality of after-dark selfies.

The 13MP rear camera captures life’s moments with crystal clarity. It boasts of face-detection autofocus that dramatically increases focusing speed along with a dual-color flash which optimizes color tones based on ambient lighting.


Lenovo executives and brand ambassadors holding the new phones

The 5.0-inch VIBE S1 is powered by a 64-bit MediaTek octa-core processor and 3GB of RAM. Users can take up to 160GB of selfies (32GB of internal storage, expandable up to 128GB). It is available in two color options: white and gold.

The Lenovo VIBE S1 will be available on the last week of November at all authorized Lenovo Mobile dealers for P15,999, bundled with a free screen protector and a free back cover.

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