Philippine online gaming is about to receive the jolt it needs as NBA2K Online began its Closed Beta Test (CBT) on October 20th.

NBA2K Online is an action-sports online game that combines the best of what the award-winning NBA 2K basketball video game series has to offer with immersive gameplay, rich player customization, and massive online community.

With the Filipinos innate love for both online gaming and the sport of basketball, NBA2K Online positions itself as among the top online game titles in years to come.

Players can download the game client and register for a game account at the NBA2K Online website. Game updates and announcements are going to be posted regularly on the website, as well as events and other promotions.

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In addition, players can enjoy exclusive access to the CBT at our partner Internet cafes. The list of participating Internet cafes can be found on the official website. Players can also follow the game’s Facebook and Twitter pages for updates and event announcements.

During the CBT period, players can look forward to two main game modes: My Career and 3v3 Streetball.

In My Career mode, players need to guide their character up the NBA ranks. The experience includes being drafted by an NBA team, going up against other legendary NBA teams, and playing for awards and championships.

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In 3v3 Streetball mode, players form groups of three to go up against other teams in a fast and furious street match. The matches are set in many different urban basketball court settings.

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The Item Mall will also be made available during the CBT and will contain a number of essential items, like boosters, level enhancers, shot packs, and clothing.

The CBT will run until November 15th. After which, the servers will be shut down in preparation for the Open Beta Test in late November.

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