It was an exciting sunny day for the BMX riders and skaters community last September 19th when Stokedinc, the pioneer in the action boardsports lifestyle brand, held the much-awaited Wild Wild Warehouse Sale and BMX/Skate and Jam Session.

As early as 9 a.m., people were flocking to the event area to register for the competition and just join the free ride fun. Kids as young as five years old, teenagers, and young professionals were all making a run of their unique tricks.

The riders’ party got more hyped up when the RedBull Truck hopped in the Stokedinc action. DJ Edge Krusher manned the truck and played trip-hop tunes throughout the event. Plus, rap performances from MC Fisha and Jumil Makaluma fueled the thrill in every rider.


The judges had a tough challenge choosing the finalists for the Open BMX Street and Open Skate category. Everyone was amazing in their own individual ways but in the Open Skate category, Jaymar Sarmiento was undoubtedly boundless, followed by Egie Chavez, Lowbat Carino, and Louie Enconado—all skate superstars. While in the wild ride of BMX, RJay Rael rode victorious with Wendell Valencia, Alexis Lang, and Daniel Garcia next to him.

The rush continued on as the skaters and riders danced and partied to the punk rock tunes of The Republicats and We Are Imaginary.

The day was packed and literally wild. Wild with action, music, and camaraderie among those who share the Stokedinc lifestyle.

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