“If you can’t hit them with one shot, hit them with three at the same time.” Suzuki’s tagline may be “Way of Life,” but it might as well be that first sentence. Suzuki loves exploding onto the scene. Earlier this month, Suzuki launched the Celerio hatchback following a not-so-subtle billboard teaser along EDSA. Still in the same month, Suzuki has now launched not one, not two, but three different motorcycles at the same time. This trio isn’t just variations of one concept, either. They’re three separate motorcycles catering to three different markets. These are the Address, the Gixxer, and the AX4.


Suzuki Address

First up is the Suzuki Address. The Address is a scooter that has already been riding along the roads of other countries. The Address’ fun and stylish design has the young rider in mind. It combines the heft of a scooter and the sharp headlight design of Suzuki. Built with Suzuki Eco Performance technology, the Address maintains a dedication to optimum fuel efficiency. The fuel tank has a large 5.2L capacity to complement this. To balance out a reduced fuel consumption, the Address is powered by a 113cc 4-stroke 1-cylinder SOHC engine capable of producing 6.9kW @ 8,000rpm and 8.7Nm @ 6,500rpm.

Even convenience isn’t ignored with the Address. The scooter has a 20.6L utility box, capable of storing more than just a full face helmet. It also has two large inner pockets with hooks for more storage. With a larger floorboard, the Address is capable of comfortably seating two riders. For safety, the Address comes with a centralized locking system and a rear brake lock system for maximum vehicle stabilization.

The Suzuki Address is available in Titan Black, Metallic Medium Blue/Titan Black, Celebration Red/Titan Black, and a MotoGP Limited Edition Blue. It is priced at P66,990.


Suzuki Gixxer

Next up: the Suzuki Gixxer. This big bike is the pack leader of the three. This motorcycle has already won 14 awards overseas. Inside and out, the Suzuki Gixxer is a big bike at heart. The bike is designed to give maximum maneuverability and comfort for riders. It is powered by a 155cc 4-stroke 1-cylinder air-cooled SOHC engine capable of 10.4kW @ 8,000rpm and 14.0Nm @ 6,000rpm.

The bike comes with a 3-piece construction fuel tank to prevent overall replacement when damaged. The LED rear lamp promotes better road visibility, while the bike’s overall design gives riders a wide field of view. For the first time on a Suzuki small bike, the Gixxer has a dual type exhaust muffler, which improves exhaust efficiency.

The Suzuki Gixxer comes in three colors: Blue, Red, and Black. It is priced at P89,990.


Suzuki AX4

Finally, Suzuki’s TODA favorite makes a return to the market. The Suzuki X-4 gets a much-needed upgrade with the release of the Suzuki AX4. The motorcycle is powered by a 150cc engine designed to withstand any kind of road conditions. This engine is mated to a 5-speed transmission couple with an engine balancer which reduces vibrations even in high speeds. The Suzuki AX4 has fuel efficiency down pat with a more responsive Mikuni VM-type carburetor and fuel cock with built-in filter to ensure the cleanliness of the gas and, thus, lower maintenance costs.

The Suzuki AX4 is perfect for the TODA. It is made with a longer rear carrier for more passengers and baggage space. It comes with a TODA Tool Kit, which includes a lower rear shock and front sidecar attachment brackets. It also has an informative instrumental panel which provides a fuel gauge, turn signal lights, neutral, high beam, and gear position indicators.

The Suzuki AX4 comes in three colors: Black, Yellow, and Red. It is priced at P68,900.


The Suzuki Address, Gixxer, and AX4 are all available now through Suzuki motorcycle dealers.

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