Android M finally gets its sweets-related name: Marshmallow. Now, you might have gotten used to thinking Google engineers named its mobile platform after desserts and marshmallow doesn’t quite fit the bill. What gives?

According to one of the engineers on the Android team, what they actually name Android operating system after is tasty treats? What are tasty treats exactly? They couldn’t elaborate but as was said in the video by YouTubers/Googlers Nat and Lo, these are the treats you want to eat past a certain hour. And that’s what they say probably prompted the names to begin with. When Android was still a small team, the engineers who worked on the project and got tired would just want to eat bad food. And when they were throwing around ideas, the concept of naming them after tasty treats kind of stuck. You can find out more about how they come up with the names in the video above (just click on the Play button there).

Also, in case you’re interested, you can even see what the new Android Marshmallow Sculpture looks like in the unveiling video here.

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