The Urbanears has released its latest color collection in the Philippines.

Just like the sun during spring, Urbanears’ newest collection brings more light and color into your life. Get to know the new colors that will brighten up your day – Jam, Chick, and Mint.

Urbanears Kransen Jam


Let a pair of headphones in deep pink be the jam of your fashion.  Plug in this gorgeous pair of headphones and enjoy your jamming session.

Urbanears Humlan Chick


These chick headphones are bound to make you chic. With a color as bright as the sun, this pair of light and tangy yellow headphones will surely make any outfit shine.

Urbanears Plattan Mint


Mint is as fresh as a newly made mojito or an ice cream cone on a hot summer day.  With these headphones, you’ll be in mint condition all day, every day.


Urbanears releases two color collections each year – one for the Spring/Summer season and one for the Fall/Winter season. Each collection features three fresh and new colors. It carries over two colors from previous seasons each time, in addition to five standard shades that are always in its collection. The result is a grand total of 10 fresh and handpicked colors each season. In addition to this, it releases a handful of Urbanears Editions, which are special models with a little something extra.

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